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Education Session At Tump 53

Making Space for Nature

The South Thamesmead Garden Estate project is making open spaces around South Thamesmead greener, more accessible and welcoming.
Planting A Tree

Manorway Green

Manorway Green is located in north Thamesmead near the River Thames.
Edible Garden Two People Gardening Together (1)

Community Gardens

There are six community gardening sites across Thamesmead.
Edible Garden Opening Event

Edible Garden

The Edible Garden is located off Maran Way in South Thamesmead. The garden was created as part of the South Thamesmead Garden Estate improvement works. 
Mangold Way After

South Thamesmead Garden Estate

The South Thamesmead Garden Estate is transforming underused open spaces into flourishing parkland and other welcoming areas.  
A Person Swimming In Birchmere Lake

Birchmere Park

One of Thamesmead’s largest open spaces, there’s plenty happening at Birchmere Park. From cricket games and car boot sales to team sports and seasonal swimming.
Birchmere Changing Rooms Consultation

Birchmere changing rooms

A dedicated group of local residents who form part of the Moorings Neighbourhood Forum have been developing plans to refurbish the changing rooms in Birchmere Park.
Tump 53 Nature Reserve Outdoor Lesson

Tump 53 Nature Reserve

A hidden gem, Tump 53 Nature Reserve is located next to Hawksmoor School in the Moorings.
Tump 53 Nature Reserve School Holiday Activities

School holiday activities

Children and their parents/carers are invited to explore Tump 53 Nature Reserve and take part in fun, free activities.
Gallions Lake

Gallions Lake

Peabody and Thames21 are improving Gallions Lake and the surrounding area.
Man In Butts Canal

Butts Canal

Peabody and Thames21 are improving Gallions Lake and the surrounding area.

Pathways to the Thames

Peabody is working with local people to improve their journey from Southmere Lake, through the former golf course to the River Thames.

Supporting local wildlife

Help us to keep our local wildlife safe.   
Horse And The Towers In Thamesmead

Living in the Landscape

Living in the Landscape outlines our approach to managing and making the most of Thamesmead's remarkable green and blue spaces. 

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Our Biodiversity Action Plan complements Living in the Landscape, providing guidance on how local people can protect and enhance Thamesmead’s priority habitats and species.

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Latest landscape improvements

Claridge Way Photo Credit Jan Kattein Architects Ltd

A common plan for Claridge Way

Claridge Way is a path which runs through the Moorings. It winds through a long, narrow belt of green space between residential back gardens, Hawksmoor School, a youth club and Tump 53 Nature Reserve.
Southmere Lake

Southmere Lake

Peabody has invested £2.5 million into Southmere Lake to improve water quality and create more habitat for wildlife.
View From The Nest At Southmere Lake

Floating reed beds

Floating reed beds create habitat for local wildlife to thrive. Working in partnership with the Environmental Agency, Thames21 and local volunteers, we have installed new floating reed beds in the canals near Thamesmead Town Centre, Birchmere Lake and Harrow Canal.
Play Area

Play areas

There’s lots of pockets of green spaces across Thamesmead. We have improved a number of these spaces for the community to use.
Byron Close Arches Artwork

Byron Close Arches

We transformed the Byron Close arches as part of the improvements in the Moorings neighbourhood.
Moorings Underpass

Arnott Close underpass

Students from the Woolwich Polytechnic and young people from Hawksmoor Youth Club have worked with artists and lighting designers. Together they’ve transformed an underpass between Arnott Close and Claridge Way in the Moorings. 
Limestone Walk After

South Thamesmead Garden Estate – phase 1

The South Thamesmead Garden Estate project is making open spaces around South Thamesmead greener, more accessible and welcoming.

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Thamesmead Nature Forum

Thamesmead Nature Forum

The Thamesmead Nature Forum is for anyone who is passionate about nature and Thamesmead’s green and blue spaces.
Craft Workshop

Thamesmead Community Fund

Apply for a grant of up to £3,000 to deliver cultural or community projects to benefit Thamesmead’s residents.

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