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Street Art

Street art trail

Thamesmead's street art trail includes stunning murals from both local and international artists. Twelve of them have been hailed as some of the world's most beautiful street art created in 2021.
The Cage Ball Court

The Cage TM

The basketball court on Wolvercote Road in South Thamesmead has been used for decades by young people. It's been a space for socialising, spraying artwork, dance and filming, as well as playing sport.
Black Culture Collective

Black Culture Collective

The Black Culture Collective (BCC) commissions events and activities that celebrate and showcase local Black culture and heritage.
Lakeside Centre

Lakeside Centre

An iconic 1960s building on the edge of Southmere Lake, the Lakeside Centre is home to a growing creative community.
TACO Francis Chu


TACO! (Thamesmead Arts and Culture Office) is a contemporary arts organisation. It works with local and visiting artists to develop artist-led projects and research.


RTM.FM is a radio station developed and run by TACO! and has 90 broadcasters on board. 
This Is No Ordinary World A Three Rivers Project

Three Rivers

Three Rivers is a community arts project bringing local people and partners together to work out how to use art to make a difference in Bexley.
Bob And Roberta Smith

Thamesmead Codex

The Thamesmead Codex is a 24-metre long hand painted conversation with residents of Thamesmead. It was created by renowned artist Bob and Roberta Smith. 
2023 Winner Of The Woolwich Contemporary Print Prize Afsana Miah 'Alone, Darkness' (Lansbury Lawrence Primary School)

Young London Print Prize by Woolwich Contemporary Print Fair

The Young London Print Prize aims to inspire and showcase the work of young artists from Thamesmead and the rest of London. All the work is created and judged by young people.
Thamesmead Community Archive

Thamesmead Community Archive

This community archive is home to photos, videos, posters, brochures, architects’ drawings, documents and audio interviews that tell us more about Thamesmead’s history.  

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Previous cultural projects & events

Thamesmead Culture Guide 2022

Thamesmead Culture Guide & Directory

The Thamesmead Culture Guide & Directory is a celebration of the town’s proud and pioneering creative community. 
Thamesmead Everywhen 2022 © Rosie Reed Gold

Thamesmead Open

The Thamesmead Open was an ambitious, open call, international art competition. 
Murals 2021 Project

Thamesmead murals - 2021 project

2021 saw the unveiling of 12 brand new murals after local artists won a competition to create their very own public art pieces. 
Beautiful Thing Production Photo Camilla Greenwell

Thamesmead Cultural Infrastructure Plan

In February 2020 we launched our Cultural Infrastructure Plan for Thamesmead. It’s a blueprint for creating cultural facilities to create a culturally rich and vibrant town.
Brightness Of Juju Photo Credit Tom Chaplin

Brightness of JuJu library commission

The Brightness of Juju is a story book which was co-authored by 120 children from Willow Bank and Harris Garrard primary schools.
'Fields Of Everywhen' Balloon Flying Above Thamesmead Photo Mike Hulme Surrey Visuals For Peabody

Fields of EveryWhen

Fields of EveryWhen is a stunning hot air balloon showcasing over 200 artworks inspired by the people and places of Thamesmead. It was created by artists musson+retallick.
Thamesmead Light Festival 2023

Thamesmead Light Festival 2020 - 23

The light festival ran for three years after local people requested a winter event. The light festivals all featured trails of stunning installations that illuminated the beauty of Thamesmead’s landscape. 
Fly By Night At The Old Golf Course

Fly by night

In June 2018, 1,500 LED-lit pigeons soared into the night skies above the River Thames in a glorious spectacle of unprecedented scale and beauty.
Taste Of Thamesmead Book

Tastes of Thamesmead

The Tastes of Thamesmead community cookbook features recipes from Thamesmead’s diverse community. It was part of a Thamesmead Community Archive project.
Beautiful Thing Production Photo Camilla Greenwell

Beautiful Thing - GDIF 2018

Beautiful Thing is an iconic, optimistic love story about teenage boys Jamie and Ste. A live performance was shown in Thamesmead as part of the finale for Greenwich + Docklands International Festival 2018.


Luminary was a unique and spectacular multi-media art installation by renowned artists Heinrich and Palmer.
The Lost Lending Library

Lost Lending Library

The Lost Lending Library is an immersive literacy project for school aged children. Punchdrunk Enrichment worked with local schools, Linton Mead and Heronsgate, to deliver the project. 


TEMO TV was an online local TV show launched during lockdown in May 2020. It was a quick response to the covid pandemic and a way of getting local culture into local homes.

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Black Culture Collective

Black Culture Collective

The Black Culture Collective (BCC) commissions events and activities that celebrate and showcase local Black culture and heritage.
Culture Forum Photo Credit Paul Upward Photography

Thamesmead Culture Forum

Find out about the latest cultural activities happening on your doorstep and influence plans for future events.
Craft Workshop

Thamesmead Community Fund

Apply for a grant of up to £3,000 to deliver cultural or community projects to benefit Thamesmead’s residents.

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