South Thamesmead Garden Estate – phase 1


The South Thamesmead Garden Estate programme is all about investing in the open spaces around South Thamesmead to make them greener, more accessible and welcoming for the local community.   

In 2017 Peabody commissioned designers to improve around two hectares of outdoor spaces in the Parkview and Southmere estates.  

The £4.3m programme was the first of a two phase £10m investment programme in the area. 

The first phase of the South Thamesmead Garden Estate was completed in July 2021. The improvements included:

  • an edible garden on Maran Way

  • wildflower meadows planted on Abbey Way

  • new planting, lighting, play equipment and seating across the Parkview and Southmere estates

Further improvements as part of the overall programme involved:

  • 'greening’ the grey walkways and enhancing open spaces right outside people’s front doors

  • replacing trees that were too big for green courtyards with better-sized, diverse mature trees

  • installing above-ground planters

  • planting creepers along parts of the walkways

  • introducing planted beds and rain gardens

The works were completed during 2019/20 and went on to win a BALI National Landscape award.    

Download the South Thamesmead Garden Estate booklet