Cookies policy

This Peabody Group Thamesmead website requires the use of cookies. These cookies are not used for the placement of advertising, but are used so that our web servers can deliver the correct web pages to the correct person. 

What are cookies?

Cookies are data files that are stored on your computer's hard drive and keep records of your visit to a website. They allow Peabody Group to recognise you and tailor your visit to suit your individual preferences. You may be able to configure your web browser to prevent the use of cookies although some functions or services may not be available. If any third party websites you can access through the website use cookies, Peabody Group cannot access or control that.

What do cookies do?

We’re constantly improving our website based on what our visitors do and the pages you look at. Our cookies record anonymous information about visits and clicks on each web page. 

We use this to identify things that are going well, and things that we can improve.

Are our cookies safe?

Yes – they don’t harm your computer.