My name is Syd Heather, and I am a freelance filmmaker, producer and director from Bexley, who grew up in Thamesmead.


In 2019, I received a small grant from Peabody’s Thamesmead Community Fund which supported my latest comedy-adventure  short film Sodabikes, which was set and shot around Thamesmead. 


The film is about three adult siblings who race around their childhood hometown on homemade "motorbikes" to decide who gets to release their late mother's ashes. You can see two trailers for the film by going to YouTube and searching “Sodabikes”.


It’s taken a long time to complete and get out into the world, but it’s now finished, and we’ve recently been selected for three film festivals.


Most excitingly, Sodabikes has been picked up for distribution in Europe and Latin America by Shorts International (the leading short film distributor) and will soon be available on Amazon Prime around the world.


It was an amazing surprise to be selected but of course we’re thrilled to share the film with festival audiences and film fans worldwide via the Amazon Prime platform.


None of this would have been possible without that initial support from the 50th Anniversary Fund, something I’ll always be very grateful for.


You can find more details about the Thamesmead Community Fund and how to apply at