Our plan is to increase the amount of wildlife and habitat that exists in the local area. 

We're at the start of our Biodiversity Action Plan, which take a long-term approach. The volunteering programme is a great way for you to have a say in the work that goes on and a chance to be involved in a hands-on way. 

If you are interested in protecting, improving and learning more about nature in Thamesmead you can email Peabody or get in touch with our Thamesmead volunteer co-ordinator, Reece Evans, via email [email protected] or phone: 07986737712. 

See the full schedule below for volunteering opportunities:


July 2021 


Hedgerow and Tree Management
Thursday 1 and 13 July, 10am – 2pm 
Birchmere Park, Thamesmead SE28 8GB (Meet at the playing field opposite a Southwood Road) 
We will be helping to maintain the newly planted trees by adding mulch, cutting the grass around them and making sure the tree guards are still in place. 


Crossway Community Orchard 
Monday 5 July, 11:30am – 3:30pm and Monday 22 July, 11am - 3pm  
Crossway Park, Thamesmead SE28 8NG (Meet at the Crossway Community Orchard - the woodland behind basketball courts)  
We will be helping to maintain the young fruit trees within the orchard by adding mulch and watering them. Other tasks include cutting back any overgrown vegetation and helping to replenish and increase the dead hedge boundary. 


Tump 53 - Footpath maintenance  
Saturday 31 July, 11am - 3pm 
Tump 53, Thamesmead SE28 8AS (Meet at the entrance off Bentham Road) 
Guided by the Tump 53 Landscape Management Plan, we will be restoring small sections of the footpaths throughout Tump 53.  


We're planning more exciting events and activities, and will be adding more details soon, so keep an eye on this page!