We are actively supporting the Moorings Neighbourhood Forum which became formally designated in June 2019.  You can find more about the amazing work the forum are doing through their website.  Peabody is a member of the committee and is working closely with the community to understand what the priorities are for the area and how we can support you to enhance the neighbourhood.

We've completed a number of projects (pictures below):

Byron Close Arches - We completed an award-winning project to transform the arches along Byron Close. Working with Alphabetical, who previously designed signage for The Link Thamesmead and installed by local production company KD Productions, the design of the façade was created with input from the local community who wanted the theme to reflect the wildlife and nature which is all around Thamesmead.

Booth Close ball court - We've enhanced the ball court near Booth Close, creating better facilities for basketball and 5-a-side football.

Arnott Close Public Canal Space - an inaccessible canal-side space has been enhanced with new planting, paving, and accessible access.

Hawksmoor Youth Club (bike racks) - Working in partnership with Moorings Councillors, Hawksmoor Youth Club, and London Met Architecture students, we designed and installed bike racks outside the youth club. A group of young people at Hawksmoor Youth Club worked through the design process with local graffiti artist Cieron @ C-THAT and everyone pitched in to paint the final design.

Toddler play area – We joined forces with the Moorings Ward Councillors; Councillor Averil Lekau, Councillor Sizwe James, and Councillor Olu Babatola; to open a new playground in the Moorings. The councillors contributed over £23,000 towards the play equipment from the ward budget scheme which supports projects run by local groups for the benefit of their communities, and we added £75,000 and managed the project from concept to completion.

Located near Byron Close and Owen Close in the Moorings, the playground has been purpose-built for young children aged one to six years. Many young families live in the area, with around 200 households benefiting from the playground on their doorsteps.

The play area features a soft rubbery surface with speciality play equipment including play mounds with stepping stones, a cargo net, climbing holds, and balance beams. Each piece of play equipment was specially chosen to encourage imaginative play and help children to develop sensory and motor skills.

Arnott Close Underpass – Students from the Woolwich Polytechnic and young people from Hawksmoor Youth Club worked with artists and lighting designers to create a new art and lighting design to transform an underpass between Arnott Close and Claridge Way in the Moorings. 

Tump 53 - Is a highly valued community space that connects children, young people, and the wider community with nature and the environment; Tump 53 is a nature reserve situated in the Moorings Neighbourhood, Thamesmead.


Projects in progress:

Refurbishment of the Former Moorings social club and landscape improvements to Byron Close - The former Moorings Social Club will be refurbished and open again to the public from early 2022, alongside new spaces in Byron Close arches and the surrounding landscape. From working with the local community at every stage, we know that safety, access, and having a community hub for all ages is important, so we make sure that the former social club offers what the community needs and wants. You can find out more about the work we're doing at the social club by reading the latest 'Your Moorings' newsletter.

Claridge Way – This well-used footpath in the heart of the Moorings currently undergoing a £300,000 redesign as we invest in improving the area. We have been working with the local community in the moorings to co-design improvements to Claridge way. Jan Kattein Architects is working with us to help create the designs that the community would like to see. You can view the Claridge Way common plan here