The homes on Lesnes Estate were built in the 60s and 70s and unfortunately suffer from problems because of the way they were built. This means the homes now need significant investment to bring them up to the standards that we strive for in all of our homes. Since 2016 we've been speaking with residents about our plans for South Thamesmead. And we've been holding consultation sessions to update residents on our progress across a number of projects we are working o​n. Please see our masterplan for Lesnes Estate.


From Friday 21 February to Monday 16 March 2020, we held a resident's ballot on Lesnes Estate to ensure that the community supported our plans for the regeneration of the estate.

Eligible residents were asked:
“Are you in favour of Peabody’s proposal to include Lesnes Estate in their regeneration plans for South Thamesmead?”

The result saw residents in support of Peabody’s plans to regenerate Lesnes Estate. 65.4% of residents took part in the ballot and 70.2% voted ‘yes’.

The ballot was held in response to the Mayor of London’s policy to give residents the opportunity to vote on the future of their neighbourhoods. The guidelines on who could vote in the ballot were set by the Mayor and the ballot was managed by Civica Election Services (CES), an independent body appointed by Peabody.
What will happen next?
The regeneration of South Thamesmead has started and will deliver a new public library, shops, cafés, and leisure facilities as well as thousands of new homes. We’ll be working with residents to progress the regeneration of Lesnes Estate and build up to 1,950 new homes, with 35% of these being affordable. Eligible residents will have the opportunity to move into one of the new homes we’re building in South Thamesmead. For more information please see Your Offer booklet.