Stories and responses will become part of a 25m high sculptural hot air balloon ‘Fields of EveryWhen’ celebrating the social and cultural history of the community.

Stories of Thamesmead - past, present, and future - can be shared online via the Fields of EveryWhen website. The shared tales will then be interpreted into stitched artworks by members of the community and artists. The collection of artworks will include every single one of the stories shared and will be printed onto a 25m high hot air balloon and flown over Thamesmead in 2022. Fields of Everywhen will celebrate the community and global identity of Thamesmead.

Artists Neil Musson and Jono Retallick (M&R) said: “Everyone has a story to tell and we’re interested in everything from the most ordinary to the most unusual. It could be about a daily routine or a memory of childhood; all of the stories will be transformed into unique artworks and flown above Thamesmead. Our aim is that this collection of stories will connect people and build communities. The first ever aerial photo of Thamesmead was taken from a hot air balloon in the 1800’s and we see this project as a time capsule that floats above, and mirrors, the social landscape below.

"We invite you to get involved by sharing your Thamesmead story and becoming part of this unique project. Our plan is to represent the diverse population and the extent of its global dimensions. We’re creating 800 meters of flying fabric gallery unlike anything which has been seen before!”

How to get involved

Everyone who has a personal story, memory or interesting tale to share about Thamesmead is invited to contribute to this incredible project. All of the stories shared will feature in the final artwork.

There are two ways to get involved:

  1. Share your story

Stories are invited from anyone who has a connection to Thamesmead - whether past or present. Simply record your story as a short video, text, image or audio recording and upload to the Fields of EveryWhen website.


  1. Interpret a story into a visual artwork

Responses are welcomed from anyone regardless of artistic background and there are tutorials on the web site to inspire. Simply visit the Fields of EveryWhen website and choose a story to respond to. Create a response to your chosen story via stitching, drawing or collaging and then upload an image of it to the website.

If you need any help with recording your story or sharing your artwork, the artists are happy to receive submissions in person, or however works best for you.