We are London’s oldest housing association having been set up by our founder George Peabody in 1864. Today the Peabody Group is responsible for more than 67,000 homes in London and the South East and 155,000 residents.

Peabody became part of the Thamesmead story in 2014 when we took over from previous owners, Trust Thamesmead and Tilfen Land. This meant much of the town’s housing, community activities and more than 200 acres of land became owned by a single, well-resourced body for the first time in a generation.

In Thamesmead we own and are responsible for maintaining 5,200 homes. But did you know we also own some well-known local landmarks such as the historic lock and swing bridge, civic spaces and the clock tower in the town centre, the cannons
in the centre and at the Moorings, and the Thames River wall?

As for things we’re not responsible for, well we don’t empty your bins every week, that comes under either Bexley or Greenwich Councils depending on where you live. But we do pick up and dispose of any rubbish on our land, including clearing away any fly tipping.

Making sure the town looks good and is a place residents can be proud of is part of our ‘whole place approach’ and our 30-year plan for Thamesmead.

In practical terms that means we are repairing existing homes while also building new ones, improving public spaces, looking after the parks and waterways, developing cultural activities, and supporting the community.

Look out for future news stories where we’ll be looking at different parts of our Peabody team in Thamesmead to give you a better idea of what we do in the town and how we’re working to make residents lives better.