Thamesmead 50th Fund presents: Thamesmead Texas


Opening Saturday 23rd March 2-5pm, Closes 29th May

Thamesmead Texas was set up as a tool to bring artist’s together whom had recently moved to the area of Thamesmead through the Bow Arts Trust live/work scheme.

Thamesmead Texas began on the Sunday 16th September 2018, with a series of 8 weekly art exhibitions hosted in the living room of Vanessa and Liam Scully. Each Sunday a new artist from the Bow Arts community exhibited a new piece of work, designed an accompanying artist cocktail, and invited members from the ‘new community’ to meet up and discuss. As each week passed a new work of art populated the space, eventually filling the living space with a collection of artworks, ranging from painting and drawing through to performance, video and sculpture.

With London becoming an increasingly unaffordable place to live, an exodus of artists are leaving the capital city, many leaving to cities and towns including Margate, Nottingham, Glasgow and Bristol. For some, Thamesmead is the last bastion for a life as a creative practitioner inside London. Bow Arts Trust are currently building a new artist studio complex at the Lakeside centre, opening in May 2019. In conjunction with Peabody, Bow Arts Trust have provided 40 disused flats to be rented by creative practitioners

While not representing the entire community occupying those spaces, Thamesmead Texas hosted a series of exhibitions by 8 of the newest residents, while creating a welcoming hub for the rest of the Bow Arts community to meet, share food, ideas, and discuss the prospect of a new life in Thamesmead.

Open to the general public, the artworks created for Thamesmead Texas are being exhibited at the Peabody Information Hub, opening on Saturday 23rd March through to 31st May 2019. Over the next weeks, a series of events, performance and a publication will be created to document this exciting moment in Thamesmead history.

Participating artists include:

Joseph Griffiths
S.P.A.R with Brian Guest, courtesy of artist and performer Calum F Kerr
Almudena Romero
Liam Scully
Dominika Kieruzel
Miyuki Kasahara
Vanessa Scully
Jackson Payne

The Thamesmead Texas art bar by Liam Scully will launch a surprise artist cocktail for our opening event!

Thamesmead Texas was generously supported by the Peabody 50th fund, a publication will be launched towards the end of the exhibition.

Events program to be announced shortly.



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