We are working with CLEVER Cities to help people in Thamesmead be healthier and happier by using ideas inspired by nature to improve the quality of life in the area. This can be something as simple as planting a tree that provides shade for children to play, to more innovative projects like creating rain gardens to help prevent flooding and reduce pollution in our waterways.

We have launched a campaign, Thamesmead: Making Space for Nature,  to work in partnership with residents, schools, businesses and community groups so that we can look at ways to improve connectivity between places, social interaction, citizen health and enhance the local environment.  

We want to excite people about the landscape in Thamesmead and build a team of passionate volunteers who care about nature and their local community.  Thamesmead: Making Space for Nature will use technology to better understand the benefits of nature on both the environment and your wellbeing as well as test ways of co-designing future spaces with residents.

All are welcome!