Crossness Nature Reserve

Crossness Nature Reserve covers 50 hectares and incorporates some of the last remaining grazing marshes in Greater London. It's wetlands are perfect for wildlife, from barn owls to kestrels to wading birds. Part of the site is site is open permanently, and the rest can be seen on specific events from bat walks to bird watching. Get involved through the Friends of Crossness Nature Reserve.


Tump 53

Thamesmead's historic nature reserve is re-launching in summer 2017, with the Friends of Tump 53 aiming to ensure that Tump 53 enjoyed by as many people as possible. In the meantime, you can still check it out by taking part in volunteer days to get the site ready for opening.
The Friends of Tump 53 hold regular meeting and are hosting volunteer days. To get involved contact [email protected]


Gallions Reach

Gallions Reach Park is a new park created from land left vacant from the former Royal Arsenal. The park was opened by Peabody in January 2017, offering a new natural habitat environment with wildflower meadows and 800 new trees including black poplar, white poplar, hornbeam, silver birch, ash and Turkey oak.


South Thamesmead Public Realm
(Improvements to the spaces around Parkview and Southmere)

The Last couple of years we prepared a strategy making suggestions about some high level proposals to improving courtyards, parking spaces and pedestrian routes with improved paving, planting, lighting and play facilities. This would make areas feel more safe and welcoming and provide nicer outdoors spaces for you to enjoy.

We then decided to try some of these ideas out, and to trial projects so that we could get your feedback – These were:

  • Painted murals and street furniture
  • Colourful artworks on walls and repainting lamp columns and benches etc
  • Raised planting
  • New spaces for you to garden
  • Seating
  • New seating on the main walking routes

Trial projects still to be delivered are:

  • Lighting - an evening event which will show how we plan to improve lighting
  • Rain garden - a new planted area that will provide colour and help with drainage

The idea with trial projects is to see the proposals first-hand and tell us what you like and don’t like and why. Your feedback has been well received and will be fed into the detailed design process for the wider improvements to public spaces. 

Feedback on the projects can be made online.