We will continue to deliver an enhanced Caretaker Plus service and will offer residents a 'home MOT' to pick up on any minor repairs. We'll also address the repairs needed to communal areas.

In addition, there will be a significant programme of work to improve the appearance and usability of public spaces. This includes £750K worth of improvements to The Moorings and a £6.9m transformation of public space at the South Thamesmead estate. We will also be removing the Yarnton Way Wall and will work with partners such as Thames 21 and the London Wildlife Trust to identify further opportunities for improvements to public spaces.

We'll also be working with the police, resident groups, and other agencies to help reduce antisocial behaviour across the area.

All this, and our partnership working to improve the health and wellbeing of residents, along with supporting people into employment and training, will go towards improving the day-to-day experience of everyone living and working in Thamesmead.