Peabody has appointed R Collard Limited to carry out the works and they will be working in stages to try to keep disruption to a minimum while the work is going on. They will be working onsite from Monday to Friday from 8am to 6pm and Saturday from 8am to 1pm.

Access to Yarnton Way

To make sure you can still get to Yarnton Way we will be creating a new footpath from Wolvercote Road to Yarnton Way. It will be built in the grass area to the west of Clewer House. This means we’ll need to remove this part of the Yarnton Way wall and the raised walkway. We will also need to move the utility services which are underground. We expect to have this new footpath complete by October 2020.

To create the new footpath we will need to close the raised walkway to the west of Clewer House. While the works are underway, we will create a temporary walkway through to Yarnton Way by removing a section of the Yarnton Way wall opposite the Health Centre.


Access to Wolvercote Road

We will be creating a new road link at the end of Wolvercote Road. This will allow continued vehicle access for those residents who have a garage at 85 – 91 Wolvercote Road. We expect this to open towards the end of 2020.

Signs and notices will be put up to let you know what’s happening and when footpaths are being diverted or closed.

The demolition work is expected to finish in autumn 2021.