We are replacing the windows with new double-glazed windows. This will improve the energy efficiency of the buildings, make it cheaper to heat homes, and help to reduce damp and condensation. 

For Parkview and Lenses towers we'll be creating a 'pilot flat' at Maplin House to help assess the designs for the windows, balcony screens and improvements to the ventilation systems.

We have also instructed a contractor, Martek, to carry out concrete condition surveys. Martek will be using abseiling equipment to inspect the outside of the towers so they can determine what concrete repairs are required.

Work will start in September 2018 and expect it to take around 18 months to complete.


Wolvercote Road
The homes in the Wolvercote Road area were among the first to be built in Thamesmead almost 50 years ago. These homes need significant investment to improve living conditions for local people.

With improved transport connections, new housing developments and a large investment in public spaces already coming to the area, there's an opportunity to bring forward some big changes.

After talking with residents, we have decided to demolish the 596 homes in the six tower blocks and low-rise houses and replace them with around 1,000 quality new homes.

Most importantly, we’ll be keeping the current community intact, offering new homes just a stone’s throw away in the new Abbey Wood and South Thamesmead Housing Zone.


 Wolvercote Road - June 2016                                        Wolvercote Road next steps - Feb 2017