Nana Agyemang ID Photo.jpg

Nana Agyemang


Tell us why you became a volunteer?

Well there are two main reasons why I volunteered for Peabody; to give back to the community and also to build on my existing skills and knowledge.

What was your first day like?

Was more informative, relaxed and everyone was helpful in a way and willing to help. I felt welcomed and a part of the team.

What impact has your involvement had on you (optional: emotionally / practically / personally or professionally?)

It is becoming my lifestyle, I like meeting new people and experiencing new things.


What has been your highlight since you started?

Each person was very knowledgeable in their role and wanted to know the next step for the community, which also gives me the drive I need.

What have you learnt during this time?

Working more independently, and professional communication.

Complete this sentence … “If it wasn’t for volunteering …”

My skills would have not be shared among my community.


Now that you have been involved, what are the next steps for you?

If i progress as I like, my next would be to become a permanent worker for Peabody in the Database field. With my certificate in Computing BSc, along with my love for customer service, I have been able to come in contact with different types of people. I believe my natural gifting in helping people will help me excel. I am excited about this opportunity.

Is there anything that makes this story extra special?

It is special to me because, after study at university, I didn’t get chance to go in IT field. Instead I took a job that was available to clear some debts i got myself into at University. Now all is cleared, I get the chance to be back in the field I also wanted to get, which is the I.T field.