Our wide-ranging volunteering programme in London and Essex has something for everyone.

Perhaps you’d like to offer admin, reception or research support at our offices, or co-ordinate activities, help with gardening or join a management committee on Thamesmead estates. Or maybe you dream of befriending people living in isolation or prefer to lend a hand in Positive Steps? In recent years we have aided thousands of local people through Positive Steps by engaging volunteers to lend an empathic ear and signpost to relevant services that will assist them in tackling challenging stages in their lives.

Whatever you choose, our roles can be tailored to suit your needs and you don’t have to commit full time.

After you sign up you’ll be volunteering alongside Peabody employees, providing key services to residents and other Londoners. Each of our community centres, for example, has a resident-led management committee, staffed by volunteers, who look after the centres, organise exercise classes, hire out rooms and organise events.

As an Investing in Volunteers organisation you can be sure that we take every care to ensure we follow best practice with regard to volunteering and will strive to offer you the best experience during your time with us. We value your contribution to our communities and in our office settings, and we hold annual events to celebrate and acknowledge your achievements.

To gain personal satisfaction while helping others, why not register to volunteer today? We look forward to meeting you soon.

If you would like to register to volunteer, please click the "Volunteer" button below.