Interviews are a source of frustration for almost everyone; they also present the perfect opportunity for you to shine. That’s why we enjoy helping you to develop a technique you’re comfortable with. An interview is a test of your core, soft and specific skills, experience, behavior and demeanour, so read up on the company beforehand to make sure you can show how you’re suitable for the role and how you fit into the company’s culture.

The main thing is to demonstrate how you meet their expectations of their ideal candidate. To help you assess that, we’ve created a dozen fresh tips that work as a checklist to guide your preparation.


A dozen helpful tips

Our tips include advice on arriving early, how to make sure you dress appropriately, present your best self, and speak clearly and politely. Most of all, it’s important to stay confident, engaged, interested and positive throughout.

Before all this your online research of the company should be thorough to build an overall sense of what its business objectives are, how it achieves them and where it sits within its sector now and in the past. Once you know this, you can personalise your answers to anticipated questions about how you can help to achieve its aims.

In parallel, you should talk through the job role with a trusted friend to understand what sort of person and skills are required. Our advisors are available for mock interviews to run through likely questions and later build on your answers.