Gaining employment for most is a numbers game: sending a serious amount of CVs should, at some stage, translate into a batch of interview offers. But what can you do when your CV is forever falling into the spiked pile for the jobs you want?

Without a doubt, you should improve your CV.

Writing an effective CV and a short, but distinct cover letter tailored to each job will go some way to securing your desired job. After that it’s down to interview technique and how you gel with the selection team. Your CV forms your first impression with every prospective employer so it needs particular attention to detail to make sure it meets the expected high standards.

Your CV should outline relevant skills, experience and qualifications to fit the job you’ve applied for. For a role in the retail sector, for example, your CV and cover letter must show you have the right core, soft and specific skills, and experience.

Templates to structure your CV/cover letter

We’ve created some handy hints and templates to help you structure your CV and cover letter – and our advisors can provide further support.

Remember, it’s worth investing time and effort to make sure your CV and cover letter are as good as they can be. They’re your calling cards and what you write will be used to compare you with many others. A little hard thought and effort will move you closer to securing that all-important interview.