Funding & Support for Wellbeing Projects & Organisations


10 September  


2pm - 3pm  

About this Event

People need to maximise both their own and their corporate health and wellbeing in order to maximise the success of their organisations and businesses. If managers and staff have unhealthy lifestyles, they increase their chances of ill health and stress related issues, or cannot manage or work as effectively as they could. If people have health and wellbeing issues or are ‘stressed out’ they do not perform well or achieve their best. According to recent research with regard to businesses and organisations, each unfit or unhealthy staff member costs an average £6,000 per year in additional costs to their employer. A fit and healthy business owner or staff member is a more productive person and less prone to stress or ill health. Can you afford to ignore this issue?

The CV19 pandemic has created wellbeing challenges for people from all sections of society, from young people concerned about their future to older people suffering social isolation, with the wider impact of this we look at funding sources and other support to enable participants to fund and develop projects and access further support, information, advice and guidance.



This workshop will cover the consequences of poor employee health and look at strategies and actions to improve personal and corporate health and wellbeing.

This workshop includes:

• Wellness - how to define and understand it

• Funding for Wellbeing projects - where it is and how to source it

• Presentations of wellbeing info and slides on sources of funding - circulated free of charge after the event to all those who register via Eventbrite

• Further sources of help, information, advice and guidance

• Further documents, consultancy support and advice to access funding will be offered - this will be chargeable and taken forward offline after the workshop, for those who are interested


How to join our Zoom Meeting :


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