Maintaining your child's health and wellbeing

It’s difficult to get your children off their Play Stations and interacting in home workouts, so here are some videos, tips and tricks to help them get started! It’s vital during this time to keep your children fit and active for at least 60 minutes a day as this helps to keep their hearts healthy and bones strong.


  • Get active every day at 9am, Monday - Friday. Half an hour of activity with qualified fitness coach Joe Wicks. 
  • Get your children moving with Change 4 Life’s fun Disney inspired indoor games and activities.
  • Healthy recipes you can make with your children.
  • Learn while you move! A fun website full of free online videos that incorporates curriculum activities as well as keeping fit! 
  • Online yoga classes have been popular for the last couple of years. You might be sceptical about your children taking part in yoga, but Cosmic Kids Yoga makes yoga fun for children by incorporating stories, characters and playfulness! Feel free to join in too!