Fun indoor activities and entertainment

Not sure what activities to do with your children? There’s lots of exciting things you can be doing at home during this difficult time from baking, creating your own family tree and lots more. Here are some links you can follow to turn those frowns upside down!

A fan of the Potter films?

Click here to go on a virtual Harry Potter roller-coaster from the likes of your sofa!  

Arts and crafts

  • Here are some fun arts and crafts you can do with your children. Get creative with any paper plates, tissue boxes or empty jars you have lying around the house!
  • Want to get creative and super messy? Have a go at making paper mache to keep your child entertained for hours! 
  • Get messy with play dough! Check out an easy tutorial of making your own play dough, you can even have fun with adding any scents or colouring you wish.
  • Encourage your child’s creative side! Create your own indoor puppet theatre show!


Creative writing

  • Use your imagination and write a story together. If you’re not sure where to get started, read this article for some useful tips on creative writing prompts for children