Young Ambassadors play a crucial role in our communities. Our current programme invites anyone living in Thamesmead aged between 13 and 25 to apply to become a young ambassador in 2020. Are you keen to get involved?

Over 12 months you can enhance your education and work prospects while also acting as a genuine voice for young people in Thamesmead to inspire, improve and help shape the activities in your community. You’ll create these changes by teaming up with other ambassadors to work on projects and events in the areas of creative and performing arts, sports, physical and mental wellbeing, local issues, enterprise and so much more.

Together, you’ll be trained through a series of masterclasses to represent the views of your peers and take part in forums to raise their voices and make change happen for all young people.

Boosting your career

Being an ambassador is fun. Not only do you get to create great projects that make a difference, it’ll also boost your career prospects. That’s because our programme includes a strong element of self-development through ongoing training and at the end of the project you’ll be offered the chance to volunteer, mentor others, access further qualifications, apply for funding or lead on other projects.

Choosing young leaders

As an ambassador you’ll also have other responsibilities. These include managing the applications of Young Leaders and making funding decisions that’ll improve local lives. You’ll also work with our Young Leaders to help develop future ambassadors.

Do you want to become a Young Ambassador and advance your career at the same time? If so, please contact us to show you have what it takes to represent your community!
[email protected]