Unleashed is a personal development programme which gives young people music-making opportunities in a safe, welcoming and creative space. We believe the community lacks music-making opportunities and artist development, which motivated us to create and deliver these sessions.

In this programme we provide mentoring, artist development, music production training, free studio time and food. The programme plays a vital role in tackling anti-social behaviour and street violence by empowering young people to express themselves in a positive way in a nurturing and progressive environment.

Emmanuel, who is one of the directors of Think Unleashed, passionately mentioned the aim of the programme is to "re-establish the community".

Artist, Songwriter and Sound Engineer for the programme, Benny Bizzle described the various benefits the music programme brings to young people: "They get to learn social skills. Whatever they bring, we help them take it to the next level. We try to make them believe in themselves more, and there are actual career prospects, and they can get exposure and enjoyment."

"Even as a producer, I would've never seen a studio, and it has been fantastic exposure for my beats," music producer Ishmatic informed me. 

It gives exposure to many young people who have creative talent but do not have access to affordable studio time while providing opportunities for producers to share their beats with artists. 

Several young people are desperately seeking musical opportunities to help them gain a career in the music industry. This arose in a conversation I had with producer Young Cizy, who was able to create his producer name at the music programme. 

He mentioned, "I have been praying for an opportunity like this, and it happened just like that. I never expected it to be so good. I am so glad to get this opportunity. It has helped me a lot."

A duo named YC and C Rose started to take music seriously since taking part in the programme. It is evident by their work rate, dramatic development as artists and versatility. They stated, "Everybody in the studio has motivated us to work harder," which is a factor of their hard work. 

They expressed their appreciation for the staff, encouraging them to come outside their comfort zone and enhance their lyrical ability. They addressed the importance of this programme to keep them out of trouble and doing something positive. "If it wasn't for doing this programme, we will probably be on the streets doing something dumb. Doing it this programme has helped us do something constructive and making good music."

Music has plenty of benefits to young people's personal development such as discipline, emotional development, self-confidence, spatial intelligence, creative thinking and many more. We aim to bring these attributes out of them by "Shifting and expanding their minds because it's a big wide world out there and sometimes they don't see how big it is," says Breis, who is an artist, author and founder of a hip hop educational organisation entitled 'Student of Life'. 

reis delivered a series of lyric writing sessions which the participants found highly beneficial, as he challenged their use of certain words and helped them to find alternatives which would have a more empowering and uplifting effect on both themselves and the listeners. 

This is the statistics we gathered from the questionnaire to the young people, who took part in the programme:

Overall, how entertaining was the music programme? (1 = boring to 10 = fantastic)

61.5% rated 10

23.1% rated 8

15.4% rated 6


After the music programme, how inspired did you feel? (1 = none to 10 = fired up)

54% rated 10

23.1% rated 9

22.9% rated 7


Do you feel you have improved as an artist / producer / songwriter? (1 = not at all to 10 = definitely)

53.8% rated 10

38.5% rated 8

7.5% rated 5


What was the best part of the music programme?

Music production x 3

Studio time x 6


Song writing x 5

Everything x 1


Would you recommend this music programme to a friend? 

Yes, definitely x 12

Maybe x1

No, never x 0


  • “It was fun because you write your songs then you get to record it”
  • “Maybe we could make the beats” – not sure what this means?
  • “I enjoyed it a lot”
  • “I liked the people there cuz they were funny”
  • “longer”
  • “it was the best time ever”
  • “it was very good”
  • “another one of this programme and a game day again”
  • “I enjoyed it”
  • “practice my song-writing skills more”
  • “I really enjoyed this programme. I think it has allowed me to mix and talk to other people and also build a bit more confidence then I did before”
  • “Amazing”
  • “Pizza” – best one I think 😊

In conclusion, I am so proud of the young people who took part. It is fantastic to hear such amazing feedback regarding the programme. They pushed themselves and enjoyed every minute of it. They were very eager to find out when the next one is happening. Unleashed is getting bigger and better, make sure you do not miss the following programme and other opportunities available. Follow us on Instagram @thinkunleashed to be update with everything we do.