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Thamesmead Stage One was built in the late sixties and was intended to provide housing of the future for those who currently lived in cramped and run down conditions within Inner London. First designed and built by the GLC, these properties were to be futuristic and forward thinking homes for those who needed it most.

Built on marshlands on what was old Royal Arsenal Land, Thamesmead was a self-contained city in the sky, with its elevated walkways, man-made lakes and expansive green areas, it felt like such a contract from the cramped and damp conditions of inner London.

Despite some undoubted successes, a lack of investment and infrastructure has meant that Thamesmead is yet to fully to live up to initial potential. However, as it approaches its 50th birthday, with investment of over £1 billion now coming in, Thamesmead is now well set to fulfil its promise as London's new town.