Waterfront update

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Transport for London (TfL) has been asked by the Mayor of London to investigate how the Docklands Light Railway (DLR) can be extended from Gallions Reach in Beckton, to north Thamesmead, and potentially beyond.The DLR extension would be a real game changer for Thamesmead. Not only would it be easier for residents to travel across London, it would also make it easier for visitors to get here, attracting more people to the area.

The DLR extension would unlock many possibilities for development and regeneration across north Thamesmead, in particular the Thamesmead Waterfront development opportunity. Initial work suggests that the DLR could enable a new community to be developed on the riverside, near Gallions Park. It could also support a new layout of the existing town centre, making it function better for both new and existing residents and businesses.

Due to the scale and long-term nature of the Thamesmead Waterfront project, we will be seeking a strategic partner to work with us to develop a masterplan
and business plan for the Waterfront site. We have narrowed our potential partners down to two and will be announcing our final decision in the summer.