My name is Sarah and I first got involved with Peabody in 2019 through the Trainee Producers Programme.


Since then, I have had a host of other opportunities such as the creative researchers, where we made a podcast for RTM.FM radio, working with the London Transport Museum, where I am in the early stages of being commissioned to make a podcast, the youth collective, where we are hoping to stage an event at the Cutty Sark, and of course, the Youth Eco Development Council (YEDC). 


The YEDC began during lockdown with a group of us developing a litter project called “Marsh Harriers Shadow”. This led to us being noticed by newspapers and Peabody being approached by Sky TV about YEDC appearing in a Persil ad with Ashley Banjo


We worked with Peabody’s Landscape Activation Manager, Jack Gower, who suggested filming at the outdoor classroom area in Southmere Park with Peabody also providing all the plants and equipment for the day.


It started with us having to film the opening credentials for the commercial. We were photographed by a professional photographer, which at first I thought I would feel uncomfortable with, but I felt totally at ease. 


When Ashley Banjo arrived it all became very real, we were interview by him around YEDC and had genuine conversations, it struck me how down to earth and funny he was. 


After lunch some younger children joined in with more filming. It was great to have Ashley Banjo in Thamesmead for the day! 


I joined YEDC to make a difference, meeting people with the same mindset has really helped during lockdown with staying sane and keeping busy.  We were even able to meet the local MP, Abena Oppong-Asare, which proved to me just how much my voice is worth.


Filming the commercial with Ashley Banjo made me proud of how far I have come and how YEDC has grown, getting recognition for our efforts is very rewarding. It also proved to me how much one opportunity can lead to a host of others. The commercial is out now, so watch out for Thamesmead on your TV screens!!


If you are a young person reading this, I would urge you to get out there and try new things. You never know which opportunity will be your white rabbit, whether that be a project with a group of people who become close friends; and you might even meet a famous star!