‘All You Need To Know About 11+’ by Joan A Green, is a collection of essential information and advice to help develop a better understanding of the exam. It also features inspirational stories from some of the students she’s helped.

In the book’s foreword Joan says: “I dedicate this book to all the brave children preparing for their 11+ exams. I cheer you on, keep going, you will succeed. I also dedicate this book to the wonderful parents for their selfless sacrifice in supporting their children and investing in them the gift of wisdom and knowledge so they can be the best of themselves.”

Joan is devoted to her job and she has beautiful stories of students – now at university – calling her to thank her for her support. Joan, who has been teaching since 1988 and has an MA in education, also offers affordable tuition for the 11+ exam at the Jubilee Hub.

If you want to know more about this service and Joan’s book you can contact her through www.brightertuition.co.uk