Spring into action

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March is an exciting month for gardeners. It’s when we start sowing seeds, nurturing them and watching them grow into healthy plants. 


If you haven’t started yet, then now is the time. It’s as simple as deciding what you’d like to grow this year and then getting those seeds. 


Seeds you can happily sow indoors this month include: cabbage; cauliflower; leek; spring onion; broad beans; lettuce; early peas; carrots; parsnip; beetroot; celery and herbs. 


And don’t forget flowers. You can start to sow the following indoors: Sweet Peas; Marigolds; Snapdragons; Sun Flowers and Nasturtium. They will make great companion plants and ultimately bring colour and joy to your garden.  


You can also prepare your growing pots. If you don’t have a stack of recycled growing pots, be creative and use containers you can find your home (toilet rolls, yoghurt pots, tin cans, ice cream tubs etc). If they have good drainage (a few holes in the bottom) they will work perfectly.  


Sow your seeds following the instructions on the packet and keep them on the windowsill where the temperature is quite constant. You can cover them with a transparent plastic bag to create a greenhouse effect.  


You can then enjoy watching them develop into beautiful seedlings, ready to pot up in about three to four weeks’ time.  


In the meantime, let’s all enjoy the fantastic sights early Spring brings. You might find lovely crocuses, snowdrops, and daffodils, displaying their beautiful flowers all over Thamesmead’s many green areas.