Residents appoint Serious for Thamesmead Festival 18 July 2020

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The Thamesmead Festival Production Group, made up of 11 local residents, has appointed renowned arts organisation Serious to produce and deliver this year’s Thamesmead Festival in collaboration with the group.

The festival, which will be held on the 18 July 2020, will be around Southmere Lake and will showcase the best of Thamesmead’s talent, supported by some high-quality and renowned artists along with a carnival, choirs and the visual arts.

Serious, who also produce events like the EFG London Jazz Festival, will work with the Production Group throughout the development process, enabling them to make creative choices which will result in a large scale, ambitious, and high-quality event that truly celebrates local talent and represents the best of Thamesmead.

This will be the fourth annual Thamesmead Festival to take place around Southmere Lake, and the event has become a key moment in the cultural events calendar for Thamesmead. The festival is part of our developing cultural programme which aims to raise the profile of Thamesmead and put local residents at the heart of our creating cultural events.

This year, the festival has become part of the Creative People and Places (CPP) programme for Thamesmead and North Bexley. The CPP programme has received £1 million investment from Arts Council England over four years, and will enable local community groups and residents to produce their own culture on their door-step. The CPP programme not only brings increased investment and profile to the Thamesmead Festival, but it also provides an opportunity to increase the creative opportunities and responsibilities of local residents.


Carolyn Long, Resident on the Thamesmead Festival Production Group said: “I am very excited to be one of the 11 local residents on the Festival production group. As a local small business person I really appreciate the both economic and social benefits of the festival and the opportunity to put Thamesmead on the map. Being in on the ground level of planning has fostered a feeling of ownership which has had an impact on our sense of community pride. Working with Serious has been amazing. I particularly appreciate how they’ve embraced our criteria and taken this a step further especially around helping young local people fulfil their artistic aspirations with professional support. It’s going to be awesome!”


Adriana Marques, Head of Cultural Strategy for Thamesmead, Peabody, added: “This years’ festival marks a great step in genuinely placing Thamesmead’s communities at the heart of our cultural programme. From the day we first appointed the Thamesmead Festival Production Group I’ve been so impressed at how dedicated and passionate they are. Their enthusiasm is infectious. With support from Serious they will make their own creative decisions, and truly celebrate Thamesmead’s creative potential. I have no doubt this will be the best summer festival yet.”


Claire Whitaker, Director at Serious commented: “We are delighted to be working with the Thamesmead Festival Production Group and Peabody to develop a major summer festival that reflects some of the best talent in Thamesmead. 

“The process of enabling the group’s ideas is inspiring and exciting and we are developing a programme which reflects this collaboration”.