Peabody has joined NHS England’s ground-breaking partnership, Healthy New Towns Network, which aims to create healthier places to live. The initiative will explore new and innovative ways to tackle the biggest health and care challenges of the 21st century, such as obesity, dementia and social isolation. This represents a significant effort to join up services between the NHS, government and voluntary sector; and an increasing understanding of the importance of place making and place management. 

Peabody is one of 12 housing developers and associations pledging to prioritise health and wellbeing in the planning, development and management of new housing developments and regeneration schemes.

John Lewis, Executive Director Thamesmead, at Peabody said: “This is a very exciting initiative to be a part of. We will champion the Healthy New Towns Network approach and provide examples of how the principles can be implemented. This also goes hand-in-hand with the work our care and support colleagues are doing around ‘Health at home’, where we empower residents to manage and improve their health and wellbeing.”

There are currently ten sites taking part in the Healthy New Towns scheme, covering 60,000 new homes. Their objectives are to develop best practice, case studies and guidance to help ensure all new housing developments embed certain principles, promoting health and wellbeing and securing high-quality health and care services.     

Other members who have recently joined Healthy New Town Network include:A2Dominion, British Land, Clarion, HAB Housing, Hanover, National Pride, Redrow, Riverside, Thakeham, Urban and Civic and Urban Catalyst.