Peabody helps shape healthy places

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The Healthy New Towns initiative, of which we are a member, has published a report - Putting Health into Place;  How to create healthier new communities. The Healthy New Towns programme worked with 10 demonstrator sites across England to explore how the development of new places could create healthier and connected communities with integrated and high-quality services. The publications looks at the learnings from the programme which is outlined across 10 principles.

From this year, Thamesmead will be one of six Healthy New Towns implementing the learning from ‘Putting Health into Place’. This will include setting out guidelines, practical tools, and demonstrating how new places that offer improved choices and chances for the community to live healthier lives can be created.


John Lewis, Executive Director Thamesmead at Peabody, said: “This is a very exciting initiative to be a part of and it’s great to find out about the lessons learnt to date which we can then incorporate into our new build developments. We will champion the Healthy New Towns Network approach and provide examples of how the principles can be implemented. 

This also goes hand-in-hand with the work we are doing around ‘Health at home’, where we empower residents to manage and improve their health and wellbeing."


The Healthy New Towns programme was launched in 2015 and we are one of 12 housing developers and associations pledging our commitment to prioritising health and wellbeing in the planning, development and management of all our new housing developments and regeneration schemes.