Peabody appoints Artistic duo for Thamesmead Community Archive

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We've appointed local artist duo, Scully & Scully (Thamesmead Texas), to bring the stories and cultures of the Ghanaian, Nigerian, Nepalese and Travelling communities to life as well as enrich the Thamesmead Community Archive.

With funding from us and the National Lottery Heritage Fund, the Thamesmead Community Archive has already collected a treasure trove of history form the local community – including 5,000 images and documents.

To enhance the existing community archive, Thamesmead Texas will host a series of events and workshops throughout 2020, centred around representation; delivered for, by and with local artists and the diverse communities living in Thamesmead.

Working in collaboration with local artist Alex Tuckwood, Thamesmead Texas will create a Nomadic Cinema, reusing reclaimed materials and experimental recycling techniques. From the Nomadic Cinema, a dedicated season of world cinema, artist and independent films will focus on the histories, celebrations and campaigns unique to the people of Thamesmead. The Nomadic Cinema will move between various locations around Thamesmead and serve hot food and lively discussion!

In conversation with artist, filmmaker and cultural activist Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Scully & Scully will produce an experimental documentary, aptly titled Thamesmead Texas. It will ask a shared central question to all participants 'How did you come to Thamesmead?' A publication will accompany the documentary, with photos taken by photojournalist and social housing activist Alessia Gammarota.


Adriana Marques, Head of Cultural Strategy in Thamesmead for Peabody said:

“With the support from the National Lottery Heritage, we’re working closely with local artists to embed culture into the community’s daily lives. We’re creating a network of cultural venues that are easy for everyone to access. Thamesmead Texas’s Nomadic Cinema is key to this. It will bring cultural activities to the local community’s door step and will promote and celebrate the diverse cultural backgrounds we have in Thamesmead.”


Scully & Scully said:

“This commission is an exciting opportunity to meet our neighbours in Thamesmead. As newcomers to the area, we are curious about our neighbours, who they are, where they came from and how they came to build their lives in this unique town. We are using the tools of cinema and representation to explore our community and hope that the ‘town of tomorrow’ will join us on this exciting journey of discovering various cultures which make up the diverse melting pot that is Thamesmead.”


Alongside a season of world cinema at the ‘Nomadic Cinema’, Thamesmead Texas will commission local outreach artists, Bhajan Hunjan and Marcus Orlandi, to deliver workshops with each unique community about self-representation. By using drawing, language and textiles, the workshops will inform large scale art works for the Thamesmead Summer Festival 2020.

The Nomadic Cinema will launch for an exhibition at the Information Hub in Spring 2020, showcasing a dedicated season of world cinema. In the lead up to the launch, the construction of the Nomadic Cinema will be available to view every Saturday from the Lakeside Centre, throughout Winter 2020.

Thamesmead Texas is looking for local contributors. If you have a film or venue location, building materials, skills, tools, stories or photographs you’d like to share, please contact: @thamesmeadtexas or [email protected]