New green fingers

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Thamesmead has a new Gardener-in-Residence, Georgiana Irimia, who will be helping local schools, clubs and residents make the most of their green spaces.

Georgiana is joining the Making Space for Nature team while Kat Wojnar is on maternity leave. She was born and grew up in the mountains of Romania where she first discovered her love of nature, learning to grow vegetables and flowers from her grandparents.

She said: “I’m very excited that this role combines so well all my interest and passions: gardening; nature; education; mental health and engaging with the local community.

“I’m proud to be part of a team that makes an immediate difference in the world and that through its work tackle some of the biggest problems we face like climate change and mental health, all through simple interactive, educational activities like gardening.”

Georgiana’s interest in mental health means she really understands the wellbeing benefits gardening brings and it’s something she’s keen to share with residents.

“I’m passionate about personal development and mental health and for me challenges are a great way to expand your comfort zone and improve. What better place to do that than in nature and gardens?” added Georgiana.

“This year I’d like to challenge the people of Thamesmead in joining me in a step-by-step guide through the magnificent world of gardening, to explore and learn together about plants and our relationship with them.”

Georgiana wants residents to start their journey by asking themselves somes questions about their gardening experience and ambitions:

  • Take a moment to reset and reflect. What attracts you to gardening?
  • If you have some gardening experiences that went well what would you like to improve? What lessons have you learnt from your garden so far?
  • If you’re new to gardening what are your goals? How much time will you be able to spend gardening this year?

The next step is to take a paper and pencil to draw or write about your gardening plans for the year. Be creative, let your imagination run riot to go big and challenge yourself.

You might want to put down some questions, list areas you need support on, what you want to learn or try something new.

As Georgiana says: “Remember, gardens can be anything from a single indoors plant pot to a big allotment or garden, and they always give you space for growth and improvement.”

Georgiana will also be working on projects such as community gardens, volunteering and growing fruit and vegetables. You can get in touch with her for advice, information and encouragement at [email protected]