Local artist brings colour to canals

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Print designer Paige Denham won the Peabody competition to work alongside four international artists as part of its Thamesmead Canal Mural Programme.

Paige, with artists Louis Masai, Jo Peel, Hixxy and Xenz, have been creating murals, featuring the area’s wildlife and natural inhabitants, along four underpasses that connect Thamesmead’s seven kilometres of picturesque canals. Another two will be completed in early 2021.


Paige said: “Painting a large-scale piece of art has been a career goal of mine. It is an incredible opportunity to share my colourful outlook on the world with the residents of a town I treasure so much.”

Adriana Marques, Peabody’s Head of Culture for Thamesmead, added: “It’s so important to celebrate the great artistic talent we have in Thamesmead, like Paige, and to give the opportunity for career development through opportunities like this. We also hope these murals will bring some joy and creativity to Thamesmead, while showcasing some of our lesser-known wildlife.”