You can tune in day and night to hear ambient sound from the reserve where a myriad of animals live including woodland birds, foxes, rodents (including shrews!) and squirrels.

The Thamesmead Wild Chorus is initially online until Wed 15 December 2021 and will return for an extended run from March to July 2022. As an off-grid project the stream will not always be available (it will say '404 - The file you requested could not be found' when it is offline) so it’s recommended that you refresh your browser if the stream stops while you’re listening to it, or come back another day if it’s not online when you visit the page.


Locus Sonus is a worldwide network of live audio streams. These can be listened to by selecting the microphones on the Locus Sonus Sound Map. You can also find online streams here

Soundcamp has details of how to set-up an audio stream using the Locus Sonus mobile app and provided J D Swann with advice for the Thamesmead Wild Chorus.