Horse Welfare and Coronavirus

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We would like to inform residents and the public that use our parks that we are taking measures to ensure the welfare of horses grazing on our land is being considered. We have consulted with colleagues at the British Horse Society and other local land owners who provide grazing for horses and we are in regular contact with local horse owners.

As a result of enquiries and questions from members of the public we have produced the following advice.


Question 1. Can I catch Coronavirus (Covid-19) from horses?


Answer. According to several international health organisations there is no evidence to indicate that horses could contract Covid-19 or that they would be able to spread the disease to other animals or humans.


Question 2. Can I still feed the horses?


Answer. Please continue to follow government advice. If you do visit and feed the horses avoid stroking or touching them; especially if they have halters or rugs. Please make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly after handling horses or use hand sanitiser if washing isn’t an immediate option.


Question 3. Are there care plans in place for horses on Peabody land?


Answer. Horse owners are being asked to provide information such as; vet’s contact details, any specific dietary requirements for their animals, if they have to self-isolate do they have enough medicine or feed on order, contact details of friends or family who will be checking horses in case they are confined to their homes, combination numbers or spare keys for locks to paddocks.


If you have any further questions, please contact our Traveller Liaison & Equine Officer, John Wilson on  020 3828 4524/07711 001375 or email him at [email protected]