As part of celebrating London National Park week and in partnership with North West Kent Countryside Partnership, 30 local people took part in a fun-filled day on Saturday 28 July where they got to make their own potted plants. Everyone got to choose their own colourful pot to plant either yarrow, basil, mint and scabious and learn how to look after them when they got home.   

Desiree Shepherd, Public Realm & Landscape Manager, at Peabody said: “It was fantastic to see so many people come out and create their own planted pot. And the best part is that they got to take them home and enjoy what they had created and even use the plants in their home cooking. It was such a success that we’re looking to hold more of these events, particularly around growing food, in the future.”

Special thanks to Wax Chandler who provided funds to purchase the pots, plants and soil.

If you have ideas about gardening activities you would like to see happen in your local area or would like to more about what we’re doing in Thamesmead please contact [email protected] or visit the Information Hub at 216 Yarnton Way, DA18 4DR, from 11am - 4pm every Tuesday and Wednesday and the first Saturday of every month.