We're looking for Digital Champions to help people in Bexley!

Digital Champions help others to improve their digital skills and benefit from using the internet safely. COVID has demonstrated the importance of having access and beingable to use the internet and online services, but we know that almost one in 10 adults in Bexley are not currently online. You don’t need to be a technical whizz to be a digital champion, but you do need to be patient, a good listener and be able to communicate clearly to encourage and support your learners.

Digital Champions are supporting people remotely over the phone at the moment because of COVID restrictions. We hope
that face-to-face digital champion work will resume later in the year as and when restrictions allow. As a digital champion, you will be working with people in your community to help them make the most of what they can access online. We offer CPD-accredited training and support for you in your role.

The initial training should take a couple of hours, and then you will be able to choose additional training that you think would be particularly helpful. After this you will spend an hour or so a week helping other Thamesmead residents access different things online.

If you have some time to spare each month, please contact [email protected].