We partnered with Moniker Projects to develop and deliver a programme of high-quality murals on eight underpasses that connect Thamesmead’s winding network of picturesque canals in north and central Thamesmead.

Moniker Projects spoke to residents at the Thamesmead Market events, as well as local community groups and schools in developing the murals.

During an open call design competition, Paige Denham, Print Designer who has lived in Thamesmead all her life won the competition. She was selected by a judging panel including representatives from the Nature Forum, Youth Eco-Development Council, Peabody and Moniker Projects. 

                                                                    Paige Denham's painting

Over the next few months, 24-year-old Paige and other internationally established artists Louis Masai, Jo Peel, Hixxy and Xenz will be creating murals at eight underpasses that connect Thamesmead’s four-mile network of picturesque canals. They were selected for their affinity with nature and proven track record in marrying urban art expression with themes of the natural world, alongside experience of creating large scale murals. 

The murals will feature the area’s wildlife and natural inhabitants reflecting its original ‘residents’. The artworks will be accompanied by way-finding signs to guide people to local landmarks and open spaces.



Paige, Print Designer said: “Painting a large-scale piece of art which will be there forever has been a career goal of mine. To be able to paint a mural in my hometown alongside such inspiring and well-respected artists is an absolute pleasure. It is an incredible opportunity to share my colourful outlook on the world with the residents of a town that I treasure so much.”

Adriana Marques, Peabody’s Head of Culture for Thamesmead said: “These underpasses have been dark and unloved for years but now will be brightened up with colourful, high-quality murals that celebrate Thamesmead’s wildlife and landscape, and some of our iconic architecture.

“It’s exciting that local talent like Paige will be one of the artists bringing about this transformation and that we’re able to bring culture into everyday spaces in Thamesmead. We hope this is just the beginning of more public art and large-scale murals to come.”