Thamesmead has more than double the amount of green space per person than the London average.

This includes over 350 acres of open space, 30,000 trees and three nature reserves - not to mention the 7km of canals, six major lakes, and 5km of Thames riverfront.

These green spaces and waterways are Thamesmead's greatest asset, and in many ways the town's defining feature.

However, not all of Thamesmead's parkland is as well used as it could be, and the sheer scale of open space has historically been difficult to manage.

In numbers: London's green new town

Six major lakes

7km of canals

Three nature reserves

5km of riverfront

30,000 trees

350 acres of open space

Creating London's greenest town

We want to change this and create London's greenest town.

Green space, waterways and lakes will be at the heart of everyday life in Thamesmead, providing places for play, recreation, events and activities, set within a rich and ecologically varied landscape.

We'll enhance Thamesmead's public areas at a local level - making sure neighbourhood parks, courtyards, and the spaces outside people's homes are safe, welcoming and well maintained.

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We're making green spaces part of everyday life in Thamesmead

We'll also make the best use of Thamesmead’s green assets at a town-wide scale. Landscape and green space will be harnessed to provide clear and distinctive connections between neighbourhoods and across the town making movement easy and safe. It will become the unique feature that gives Thamesmead its identity and makes it a destination for visitors and future residents.

We'll be focusing on sustainability, facilitating biodiversity and mitigating against climate change. And we'll be engaging the community in the environment, providing opportunities not just to enjoy but take ownership of Thamesmead's great outdoors.

Stepping up the service

Thamesmead has a unique land-ownership arrangement, spanning the London Borough of Bexley and the Royal Borough of Greenwich but with large sections of public areas and green spaces under the ownership of Peabody. In partnership, these three organisations will be focusing not just on physical improvements to public spaces but in a higher standard of management and maintenance.