We are looking for residents of any age to create an art piece inspired by nature and your immediate surroundings. The art piece can be the following –

    1. A photo taken of a natural art piece (art or sculpture)
    2. A drawing of natural art (due to Covid-19 restrictions, photos will need to be taken of the drawing and uploaded, not the original drawing piece)
    3. A photo capturing natural art (as opposed to a photo of a piece of work)
    4. A poem (typed and uploaded, handwritten pieces will not be accepted)

Natural art materials can include; leaves, petals, shells, barks, twigs, sticks, seeds, rocks, stones, pebbles. You can include one or two items from your home in your artwork.

There will be 5 prizes of £30 gift vouchers up for grabs and entries will be judged on one or all of the below:

  • Creativity - How can you creatively use the materials that you have chosen or collected to show the local environment?
  • Originality – Can you highlight the environment in a new way.
  • Sensitivity – Does your work highlight the natural environment in a positive way or does your art use recycled materials – leaves, twigs, soil etc?

Joseph Griffiths, a local Thamesmead artist and writer is supporting this competition and has made a film showcasing his expertise on natural art forms and give you some ideas to get you started.

Before applying you must read the terms and conditions which can be viewed here.

Click here to apply

Deadline for submission is 12pm Friday 17 July 2020, so Get Arty!

You can download a free poster here to share with family and friends.