We will be sharing the recipes and stories online, choosing some to photograph professionally for a small cookbook and we will have a Taste of Thamesmead food celebration event, which will include a photographic exhibition and a sharing of some of the dishes discovered.

Do you have a recipe you still make that was maybe passed down from a family member or friend? For example: My mother is German -she came here in 1962 and used to cook Bratkartoffeln (small cut cooked potatoes fried with bacon). As children we loved it, we grew up on this and I still cook it. We lived in a small flat with thin walls and as children we all sat at an old wooden table in the kitchen. There were 4 of us, all eating Bratkartoffeln and stealing the crispy potatoes from each other’s plates. In the flat upstairs there was another big family (5 children) they were older than us and they loved the Sex Pistols. I remember we used to hear 'Anarchy in the UK' played really loudly while we were eating.

You can use this guide to help you think of a story.

If you have a recipe to send us, please email: [email protected]