If you need support with any of the following issues: : 

  • Benefits advice  
  • Immigration  
  • Housing
  • Looking for a job
  • Debt advice and money management   

Positive Steps Thamesmead can help. We work with a variety of advice agencies, including the Citizens Advice Bureau, Lewisham Refugee, and Migrant Network and METRO GAD. Positive Steps can get you the help you need by referring you directly to the right support service. 

With help from the Citizens Advice Bureau, we helped Alison with her housing situation.

Alison had returned to the local area to live with her Nan (aged 80+) and her uncle. As a result of a stroke, her Nan was bedridden. Her uncle was suffering from mental ill health and didn’t want her in the house. 

Alison herself suffers from depression, was receiving ESA and appeared vulnerable and scared. 

A referral was made to the local Women’s Aid to ascertain more information on Alison’s domestic situation, and she was seen within a week. As a result of this referral, CAB supported Alison to make a homeless application on the basis that she was subject to domestic abuse and was vulnerable due to her health issues. Within one day of her application Alison was placed in temporary accommodation by the local authority. 

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