Cycling in Bexley

If you want to learn to ride a bike you can book one of our one-to-one sessions or small groups lessons. The lessons can run either on Saturday afternoons or within the week depending on your availability. Bexley also has a school holidays programme that can teach the whole family to ride together. 

Bexley offers free cycle training to both adults and children who live, work and/or attend school in the borough.

For children Bexley offers:

  • school-based Bikeability courses to children aged 10 years+ who are competent cyclists
  • free holiday courses

For adults Bexley offers:

  • free, tailored courses to suit individual abilities and goals 
  • a free, tailored session and practice in a safe off-road environment with a fully qualified instructor
  • GET BOB (back on bikes) - if you haven’t been on a bike for some time and need to get back into cycling, this is the perfect way to improve your confidence and skills
  • a free group session to improve your urban (on-road) cycling skills
  • a free one-to-one session from a fully qualified trainer to perfect your advanced cycling skills
  • free family cycling sessions to gain confidence and learn skills to cycle as a family

Visit Free cycle training | London Borough of Bexley for more information.

If you are a new rider, we'll connect you to an experienced cyclist who will be happy to help you plan your journey and ride along with you – whether to the shops, to work or just to the park for a bit of practice. 


You can register for a bike buddy scheme here  

Cycling in Greenwich

The Royal Borough of Greenwich offers the following cycling activities across the borough for children and adults:

    • Schools can book free Bikeability courses - contact Cycle Confident. 
    • Free Cycle Skills is offered in several formats. You can book here on the Cycle Confident booking page.
      • Individuals - one-on-one tailored training sessions with a qualified instructor. You can borrow a bike from the council or use your own. If you're new to cycling, you can learn the basics, build your skills, and gain the confidence to be able to navigate around your local area. If you're more experienced, you can improve your cycling skills and confidence riding on-road, or even learn to navigate complex junctions safely. 
      • Small groups/families - up to three people (e.g. a parent and two children, or three friends) can get training together, tailored to the skill levels within the group. You can practice the route to school, a local park or to the shops with an instructor's guidance.
      • Fix and Ride service - a mechanic comes to you and checks and repairs your bike, and helps you get riding!
    • A Dr Bike is offered at four locations around Greenwich on alternating Saturdays from 12pm to 3pm. To find your nearest or upcoming Dr Bike, whether in Greenwich, Eltham, Thamesmead, or Woolwich, check out the Dr Bike webpage.


If you have any questions about cycle training in Greenwich, contact: [email protected]