Wrapped by 5km of riverbank, Thamesmead has 30,000 trees, 7km of canals, six major lakes, three nature reserves and over 350 acres of open space.

Its unique landscape has been shaped by arms-testing from as far back as Henry VIII. From Lesnes Abbey woods in the south you can take in Canary Wharf and London’s thriving City, and from Gallions Reach in the north down the Thames towards the Royal Docks and beyond.

Much of Thamesmead’s green land is relatively untouched, and wild flowers and woodland have been left to flourish. These areas are teeming with wildlife and birds. Kingfishers, partridges, hares, foxes and cuckoos have all been seen here. You can even spot a harbour seal on the mud-flats on a good day.


Southmere Lake - these grassy steps have been used for open air cinema screenings

Visitors can take all of this in during this section of the Green Chain walk, which leads from the Thames path to Lesnes Abbey Woods in the south. Thamesmead offers vast, spacious parkland - Crossness in the east, Southmere in the south, Birchmere in the centre, and Gallions in the west.

These are being improved and added to all time. Gallions Reach Park recently opened to the public, not far behind Southmere Square - offering stunning views across Thamesmead's biggest lake.


Gallions Reach Park - a brand new green space on the Thames Path

A town built on water

Thamesmead was built to reflect the riverside character of the town, and has a network of tree-lined canals connecting five major lakes. This is truly unique to Thamesmead, and is a beautiful aspect to the town.

Southmere Lake is the biggest of all and will soon become a destination in itself, offering, cafes and shops to visitors and the local community.

Towards the north lies 5km of Thames path, which will be made safer, cleaner and better defined over the next two years . The Thames path stretches to Erith in the east and Maritime Greenwich in the west – ideal for seal-spotting and picnics.

Wild Thamesmead

Geese thrive on the 7km of waterway

With six major lakes, ducks love Thamesmead

A fox found at Tump 53 nature reserve

Herons are a regular sight across Thamesmead

Thamesmead is a haven for birds

A ring of cygnets enjoying Thamesmead's canals

Get involved

With a resident-led nature reserve up and running at Tump 53, a community partnership in place to bring Thamesmead's canals to life, and a huge range of outdoor activities from fishing to sailing to community gardens, there are loads of opportunities to get out there and enjoy Thamesmead's great outdoors - what are you waiting for?